Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 Caching Trip

After a long time going without caching, TruknCacher and I decided to attempt a trip. TruknCacher has been out of work and caching due to some health issues and this was a test to see how much he could take. We started the day off by deciding which caches we were going to attempt first. The first 3 we picked were a bust. 2 were only accessible by boat/kayak and the 3rd was way too grown and covered in poison ivy. We went from there to one called "To Go Boldly Where No Cache Has Gone Before". This was a quick find and we were soon off to the next one. We stopped by Ark Shell to get gas and do a quick bathroom break for Neal and TruknCacher then continued on to our next cache "4 Wheel Fun". A little nature hike in and some spider whacking later we were on GZ and Neal made the grab. From there we went to "Don't Get Wet" where we met the property owner seconds after cache was found. We decided that from there we would go to "Millers Landing" to get pudnpop's cache. This was a fairly quick find. After "Millers Landing" we went up to find "Page Lane" where some neighborhood kids asked if we were broke down. We told them we were fine and they left it at that. We do not know if they knew about the cache but waited for them to go out of sight before retrieving the cache just in case. We did not want to risk them muggling it if they did not know about it. After that we went to the last cache of the day, "BAH... Humbugs!". We walked in circles for a few mins. TruknCacher walked right past it and I, for the 6th time today, made the find. All in all it was a great day.